The most wanted programmers

by Etalentum
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The incorporation of information and communications technology (ICT) in all companies in different sectors and in all departments has increased the demand for specialized programming staff. The high demand on the professional and technological companies, make that innovative companies have to plan in advanced their recruitment processes.


There are many programming languages and the salary range varies accordingly. Every day new languages ​​and new operating systems appear thing that forces companies and professionals to be in constant evolution and forces them to plan the recruitment process of that kind of professionals, in advanced, saving time and money. Most of the companies support themselves in highly specialized recruitment consultants, externalizing that kind of recruitment processes.

We have to take in consideration the differences between the frontend programmers, who create what user see, of the backend programmers, focused on mainly programming, being that seconds, the backend programmers, the most wanted, being the salary range, in the Senior category, as follows:


Then most sought professionals, in order of importance are:

1.- Information security architectDepositphotos_47186821_s

2.- Big data engineer

3.- CRM architect

4.- Augmented reality developer

5.- Mobile app developer

6.- Front-end developers with JavaScript experience

7.- UX designer or UI developer

8.- Drupal developer

9.- PHP developer

10.- Interactive designer

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