The attitude is key to be hired

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Business people shaking hands with their future patner in their office

Face a recruitment process is key for business development. Most of the companies value aspects related to the skills and the attitude of the candidate over issues such as education and knowledge.

Many factors and aspects must be considered in a recruitment process, but some of them stand out above the others. This article aims to show the most relevant aspects to consider in the process of recruitment, as a basic guide to face successfully the process aspects.

What kind of candidates seek the companies?

Generally speaking, what companies are looking for today are motivated, fighters, committed and enthusiastic candidates, with proactive and eager to learn and grow professionally above all. We must remember that skills and knowledge are very important, but what we can’t forget is that knowledge can be learned and skills are acquired through the professional experience.

How can we prepare for the recruitment process?

It is important to face a recruitment process naturally, without nervousness, but it is also true that it is important to prepare our personal interview. It is important to learn extensively about the company with which we will have our first interview, activity, business lines, recent news, etc., as well as knowing the type of company we are going to interview, the company culture, values , its mission, the working position intended to cover, dependence and dependents, if any, etc.

What aspects stand out in the interview?

The introduction is critical, describing our personal profile, professional career, explaining in depth professional development, as well as changes in our career. In this sense explain why of the professional changes is the capital; many companies wonder about the stability of the candidate, as the cost of a new formation is very high and this makes it one of the main reasons for rejection. In that sense it is convenient to explain in detail the personal motivations, current projects and future, highlighting our core competencies and strengths.

We recommend concluding the interview naturally, frankly, with reality, highlighting those strengths and even some of our weaknesses in order to make credible our professional profile. Remember that Companies reject unclear profiles!

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