The 4 intangibles of a recruitment process

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The key areas that Headhunters take into account.

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The headhunters are inseparable part of a selection process for middle and high level recruitments. The huge amount of candidates to join a recruitment process in our country, as well as data management matched by the same contracting businesses, make that large corporations support into external consultants to help them make the right hiring decision.

But what are the three most valued aspects by a Headhunter in the recruitment process? Essentially the Headhunters, like any other consulting work, take care of defining, coordinating and executing the entire selection process, to ensure legitimacy and making final hiring decision. For that, further to other tangible and easily measurable aspects, headhunters take into non-verbal language, body posture, how to shake hands, attitude, skills and personality of the candidate, as well as adaptation of the same company culture, aspects that are particularly important in companies with a strong corporate culture.

Another key aspect token in consideration on leadership positions is the energy, intensity and ability to solve problems, as well as the capacity and workload. Looking mainly people who can light Lighting, guide and transmit emotion and passion throughout the organization and the team, something difficult to achieve unless you have the right attitude.

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Finally it should be highlighted that the headhunters high value professionals and people who have great versatility and ability to adapt to change in different situations and work environments. In this context, sporting activities adds a plus, since these practices help to predict the abilities of the candidates to carry out their tasks under physical and mental pressure. In conclusion therefore, will require further checks whether the knowledge, experience, languages, degrees, etc. are needed to fill the job, should be taken in consideration the 4 big intangibles: the nonverbal gestures and everything associated with it, the energy, intensity and ability to solve problems, as well as the ability to adapt to change and new situations in the management, along with the adaptation of the worker to the corporate culture of the contracting company. The properly assess of these issues will be the key to having the right employees to achieve the business objectives.

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