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Subvenciones I+D

Subvenciones I+D

The CDTI (Centre para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial) announces the CIEN call for the annuity 2016, with a budget of 100 million euros, to finance large R & D projects with a budget between 7 and 20 million euros. The aid is to promote and encourage investment in R & D of the Spanish companies that hire highly qualified research staff for their organizations. The alignment of the R & D strategy with the overall strategy of the company, together with the internationalization of small and medium enterprises, are the two main factors of success of the companies in our country, which have helped to improve the result thereof, the return on their investment and the development of new products, services and / or production processes that, at present, are being marketed worldwide.




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The investment in talent and knowledge is one of the key valued aspects of this call, ending the deadline of applications next July 22 at 12pm. The summary of the call is detailed below, being the main features of the program:

Types of projects:

Financing large industrial research and experimental development, developed effective collaboration by business groups and aimed at the realization of planned research in strategic areas of future and potential internationalisation.


Consortiums, formed by a minimum of 3 companies and a maximum of 8 companies, at least two of them autonomous, and at least one of them will be considered SMEs.

The project must involve subcontractation of research organizations, minimum of a 15% of the budget approved by the CDTI. Within the research institutions will require that at least one is public.

Duration project:

The minimum duration is 36 months and maximum of 48 months. Project milestones must have a duration between 9 and 18 months.

The project budget:

The minimum fundable budget is 7 million euros and the maximum of 20 million euros. The minimum budget is set at 350.000 euros per each entity. In the case of small enterprises and micro enterprises type, the minimum fundable budget per company will be 260,000 euros.

Public funds:

Projects will be funded by Help Partially Refundable up to 75% of eligible budget approved by the Board of Directors of the CDTI and provided that the limits of maximum aid intensity allowed by EU state aid rules are not exceeded.

The assistance consists of a refundable section and a section non-refundable (TNR):

• The interest rate applicable to the tranche is repayable yearly Euribor, fixed at the date of approval of the aid by the Board of Directors of the CDTI. Ordinary interest semi-annually loan will accrue from the time of the provision of the aid.

• The non-refundable part will be up to 30% of the assistance approved by the Board of Directors of the CDTI.

• Return of the funds: the refundable portion will be returned within 10 years counted from the centre of gravity of the project, which is calculated based on the duration and amount of project milestones. The first repayment of principal will take place 3 years after the project’s centre of gravity and never before 2 years from the date of completion.


The payments will done under technical and economic certification of each project milestone, with the possibility to be advanced:

Deposit of 25% (maximum 200,000 euros). The company will be eligible for a deposit of 25% of the aid granted with a limit of up to € 200,000 without additional guarantees. The amounts above 200,000 euros shall avail himself by financial institutions or mutual guarantee sufficient solvency opinion of the CDTI.

Advance payments of 50% or 75%: The Company may request an advance of 50% or 75% of the aid granted, provided that contribution guarantees from financial institutions or mutual guarantee sufficient solvency in opinion of the CDTI, to ensure 25% or additional 50% of the advance requested.

Any amount prepaid by the CDTI is conditioned upon verification of the following circumstances:

• That the beneficiary is up to date in fulfilling their tax and social security obligations,

• That the recipient is aware of payment of its redemption obligations of any other aid previously granted by the CDTI or any other loans or advances granted previously under the Budget State.

• The beneficiary is not subject to an outstanding recovery order following a previous decision by the European Commission declaring an aid illegal and incompatible with the internal market…

Budget: 100 million euros

Term and project presentation form: until July 22, 2016 at 12 am

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