Etalentum presents bidplatform to INNOVACAT awards

by Etalentum
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Face identificationEtalentum presented last 2nd June his candidacy for the INNOVACAT awards, with its Bidplatform project, a highly innovative and technological platform, the aim of which aims to increase the competitiveness of the company as well as the creation of new services and products, facilitating the growth of the company and differentiating it from its competitors, with the application of ICT in the recruitment processes. The project includes, among others, high value-added services, such as face identification and an algorithmic system for candidates matching.

In this 6th edition of the awards, 32 projects have been presented to INNOVACAT, in two different categories, Avança Category (12 nominations) and Young Companies Category (20 nominations), continuing the trend of previous editions. The INNOVACAT awards are a consolidated public-private initiative that aims to promote and stimulate the productive and economic base of the territory, rewarding innovation and business growth in Catalonia and in particular in la Comarca d’Osona.

Innovation Etalentum

In this sixth edition, the six major companies committed with the territory, continue investing in innovation and supporting new business projects: Bon Preu, Casa Tarradellas, Girbau, La Farga Group, Seidor and Technotraf.

Business projects were presented last Thursday in front of the INNOVACAT Jury, an open presentation for entrepreneurs, private companies, public act investors, institutions, etc., event that took place in the Sala Santiago Rusiñol de Manlleu. The awards ceremony will be held on June 30 th., the date on which the winners of the two main categories will be awarded.

It is important to note the important efforts made by public bodies and in particular the effort of the Oficina de Promoció Econòmica de l’Ajuntament de Manlleu, as well as the previous private companies sponsoring the event, since such initiatives help strengthen the business base of the territory, while helping companies to reflect on their strategic positions, aspects that are very much appreciated by the young Catalan entrepreneurs who participated in that last event.

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