The HR Commitee of Ripollès is constituted

by Etalentum
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The Unión Intersectorial Empresarial del Ripollès (UiER), together with the Chamber of Commerce of Girona and a group of 15 companies from the territory, have constituted the Commission of Human Resources of the Ripollès with the aim of supporting the departments of human resources of the companies. In this sense, at the regular meetings of the Commission, the HR directors of the main companies in the area will participate. “Proposing actions and channeling the demands to the Administration and employers are functions of the Commission”, explain sources from the UiER.

The first of the meetings of the Commission took place in early July and treated areas such as time control in the workplace, an analysis of work absenteeism was carried out in the Ripollès region and possible actions were treated at Perform in the field of HR.

The companies that make up the Commission employ 23% of Ripollès workers.

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