Keep your concentration in the office

by Montse Corderas
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Carrying out an 8-hour working day and trying to be 100% focused at all times is completely impossible. We must be aware that to give the maximum of our capacity for daily concentration we must establish certain guidelines in our workspace and in our routine. Nor can we avoid some external factors that can influence our concentration but we can control some.

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First of all your place of work should be a clean and orderly place that promotes a good work environment. The lighting should be the right one for your eyes and the seat comfortable enough to be able to sit for a long period.

Before getting down to work, we advise you to organize all the tasks you have planned for the day, hour by hour. Organize them by priorities and by difficulty, start with some simpler to warming up the brain, continue for the most tedious, and end again for some simpler ones.

The most tedious tasks divide them into small parts and take them as small challenges to be solved, you will have the sensation of fulfilling small objectives and you will progress much faster.

Leave a margin of time for unforeseen events, so your planning will not come down shortly and you will not feel stressed.

Set a certain time a couple of times a day to read and respond to the emails, otherwise you will lose mid-morning or you will be constantly distracted.

Unplug your mobile phone for a while. Above all, if you are one of the people who do not stop receiving messages and calls continuously, you will avoid a very big distraction. Later you will attend to these messages and calls.

It is very important that you take a short break every time you change tasks or from time to time, it is practically impossible to maintain concentration for more than 90 minutes. In addition, for a greater concentration we also need to oxygenate and rest the brain.

Having a feeling of hunger also generates deconcentration, eat everything you need but not get to make copious meals that then generate drowsiness.

It should be noted that playing sports and having a good diet will make us perform better and better in our work. We will release tensions that will allow us to have a lower sense of stress and improve our intellectual form.

Finally, rest everything you need. Rest is as important as concentration when it comes to work. If you go to the office tired, it will not do much for you to organize a lot, you will always yield much less if you do not feel energetic to perform all your tasks.

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