Tips to get closer to your employees

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It is possible that as the head of your company and due to your daily routine, you realize that you are getting farther away from your employees. Try to avoid that this distance becomes more and more bigger, because it will unleash bad organization, a tense communication and that your employees will begin to lose motivation. To avoid this risky situation, we leave you some tips with you can approach your employees.


The most important requirement of all is that you do not confuse fear with respect. Your employees should feel comfortable and able to get close to talking to you without problems. Being afraid of you is not going to contribute anything good to your company.

Be flexible and understand your employees, we all have urgencies or personal issues that we must resolve from time to time; go to the doctor, go to the bank, see the Christmas function of their children… If you allow them these small schedule flexibilities you will save unexpected faults or excuses for not attending work.

Pay attention to your employees, allow them to approach when they want to pose problems, complaints or improvements. Really listen to them and get down to work to propose solutions and make the improvements they ask for as soon as possible.

Be interested in your employees beyond work. Try to know what their lives are, their family, the activities they do, what they like most and what they spend their free time. You will break the boss – employee barrier, making him feel that you value him and that you are interested beyond the work environment. You will gain confidence to approach you if at any time you need it.

Have respect for your employees. Respect is something that should never be lost, even if you are the boss, showing superiority and arrogance is not going to help you. Do not underestimate or judge your employees for no reason.

Locate each worker. You must know what are the responsibilities of each of them, their strengths and weaknesses, the aspirations they have and how they work … In short, you must know the profile of each person, because they are all different, do not treat them like machines.

Do not limit yourself to giving instructions so that your employees perform them mechanically. It is much better to share your ideas with the whole team and let them think about them, as well as make sure they have understood them.

To go a step further, carry out activities or meetings outside the company whenever possible; a barbecue, spend the day at the beach on a summer day, a short excursion through the mountains on a weekend … You will get closer to your employees, but you will also help create a good working environment, relax tensions and generate empathy among all.

Do not bother your employees when they are on vacation. There are rarely emergencies that can not be expected for a few days or that can not be solved by another person. Respects the few days of vacation that an employee has a year.

Remember to ask. Do not wait for people to come and tell you things. If you do not ask, you will still be on the sidelines and not aware of many things.

Having a positive attitude is essential, especially at the most difficult times or when problems arise. Being realistic and positive to face situations and transmit this energy to all your team is essential to generate more confidence and results.

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