Benefits of outsourcing the selection of personnel

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Seleccion de personalNowadays, something as elementary as the selection of personnel can become one of the most complex tasks that a department can face, starting with the first classification. And it is that the changes in the market, the economic situation that we have been dragging in recent years and the multitude of educational opportunities that are offered to us, directly and negatively affect these procedures.

Important elements in the selection of personnel

When a company seeks to fill a specific position, the first problem is the huge number of applicants it receives. An amount that is reduced according to this vacancy increases in importance and demands, although this does not mean less intense work, since when the relevance of the position increases, so do the “adornments” in the profiles of the applicants.

Another important detail, especially if we are talking about relevant employees, is to know in depth the type of suitable person we are looking for and the characteristics that could benefit the company, for example their digital skills or their previous experience. The baggage that our company could feed and the answer that most interests us all: “What is it that you could contribute to this company?”.

Benefits of outsourcing the selection of personnel

The outsourcing of processes (outsourcing) is increasing and enjoys a good press, so it is worth considering why so many companies prefer to outsource certain services such as the selection of candidates.

Among its main advantages include the reduction of time, something that directly affects the RR department. HH., Since within his usual tasks he must face this new task for which he probably is not prepared.

Another detail is the ability that an external company, dedicated exclusively to the task, can provide with respect to the profiles of the applicants. Think that a headhunter or recruiter has the experience, knows the channels and has the necessary tools to bring you that type of personnel with a high value for your company.

On the other hand, having a vacancy usually means a loss of income, in addition to the cost of the necessary steps to cover it, something that would be directly benefited by this subcontracting. In addition, a company with experience in the sector could significantly reduce the period in which said vacancy remains unfilled.

It goes without saying that if we free the company from this task, employees can continue to cover the needs that directly affect the balance of results.

On the other hand, an outsourcing company will have professionals focused on every detail that you as a client can appreciate of their work, offering you more control than if you did it yourself. In addition, your vision as an external agent to your organization can offer you impartiality, but also strategic recommendations that improve the profile you are trying to locate.

As you can see, although these are not all the benefits, you will certainly be able to get a clear idea of ​​the basic concepts and advantages that external companies and specialized personnel selection offer.

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