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Tips to take care of posture at work

9 January, 2019

90% of Spanish have suffered ailments due to the time spent in front of the computer -7.2 hours a day: the highest number in Europe-, according to an investigation by the Spanish company Más Vida Red. The same study indicates that almost seven of every ten (68%) Spanish workers spend an average of 67 minutes a day moving in front of their computer to find a comfortable position in front of it and try to avoid these physical discomforts, which translates into 5.6 hours a week of unproductive time.

Caring for postures at work is the key to avoid injuries, so we give you some tips:

1) The mouse and keyboard must be at the same level as the elbows.

2) The knees must be kept at the same level as the hips.

3) The feet should rest firmly on the floor, not crossed or back of the chair. You can also place them on a footrest.

4) Sit always at the bottom of the seat, if necessary use a cushion, it will help you rest the spine.

5) Use the arms, and always keep the shoulder of the arm that goes over the mouse as relaxed as possible.

6) If you need to read, keep your head vertical.

7) Stretch! Maintaining the same posture for a long time, even if it is the correct one, can bring pain.

In this video that has circulated a lot on the Internet you can also find suggestions to modify your position in front of the computer and while you are working. Remember that a good working posture will help us avoid visual fatigue, headache, back pain, hands, shoulders and neck, as well as the terrible carpal tunnel.

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